Facts for Comparing New HDTV – Whether Plasma, LCD, LED, or Projectors

Upgrading to an HDTV lets the consumer view television completely different and enhances viewing experience much more than one may realize. If a fan of film, television, or sports; having an HDTV is a change that simply can’t be done without. There are many TVs from major manufacturers and also budget brands that may seem like a great idea because of the price; until the user finds out that it is going to break 4 months later. The best thing one can do is have as much knowledge as possible, in order to make the right decision for their needs. This page will cover just manufacturers, so that getting the right quality and price to upgrade TVs is easy. It can be confusing whether to pick LCD, LED, Plasma, or some other screen type; don’t worry, it is not as hard as it may seem.

Budget HDTV’s is the first thing covered; simply because people want to pay as little as possible and usually end up with a television that is going to break and become worthless. Budget brands are not created equal and no one wants to get stuck with a 42” paperweight. Vizio is the most popular budget brand of HDTV on the market currently. Vizio is a great quality for the price point that they offer. A Vizio television can be purchased for an extremely competitive price, comparable features to the big name brands, and have very high caliber picture quality. A widely known budget brand is Westinghouse; these televisions can be found at many places around the internet and come at rock bottom prices. Westinghouse televisions are extremely low quality and will almost certainly break. While they offer quality picture quality, they are full of sub par workmanship and atrocious customer service. If a quick search for them online is done, countless complaints of them failing and the customer service finding ways to avoid fixing the TVs will be found. Westinghouse is highly recommended against and strongly recommended you spending a little bit more on a Vizio, if searching for a budget HDTV. There are many other budget brands out there and the rule is: if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Most times people cut corners on the budget and end up with inferior quality that fails. If budget is an issue, it is advised that you go smaller on the size and deal with a better brand.

If a little more room in budget for a higher quality HDTV is the case, the major brands are going to have a plethora of options to suit the consumer. The major television brands are Samsung, LG, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Philips, and a few others. All of these brands will deliver high quality and outstanding picture. These companies also offer the customer service that is expected from a well established brand.

Many of these companies offer LED, LCD, and Plasma versions of their televisions and this can be a bit confusing. eFYI recommends, based on a balance of quality vs. price range, LCD. While LED is the highest end currently and produces superior picture quality and viewing angles, it is also the most expensive of the HDTV’s. Plasma has a few problems they run into like “burn-in”; a phenomenon where a picture is left paused on the screen and remnants of this image never go away. While newer plasmas claim to have reduced this occurrence, there are still claims out there that it continues to be an issue Upgrading to an HDTV will make the viewing experience exponentially better and sports fans specifically will never want to go back to standard definition. Working an HDTV into the budget and starting to enjoy picture quality miles beyond standard definition is highly recommended.