Comparisons of Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, and Blackberry – Find Which Smartphone Operating System to Choose

If in the market for a smartphone, things can get a little confusing. There are so many different phones and new ones coming out daily. Whether a consumer has already adopted this technology or coming from a “dumbphone”, eFYI is here to make life easy. Without going through every single phone here, this article will give enough information to make an educated choice. No matter what carrier is desired, what brand preferred, or how much knowledge previously; having read this information, the consumer will be smarter than a new phone!

The first step in choosing a smartphone is to figure out what operating system (OS) is right. There are four major operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and RIM (Blackberry). They offer some similarities and also some very glaring differences and depending on the user’s needs, one may fit much better than others. Here is a brief overview on the operating systems listed here. Android, the most widely used operating system, is used on an innumerable amount of phones on all different carriers. They can all feel a little different because of some customizable aspects of the OS, but generally operate very similarly. This OS is great if the user knows their way around a computer and feels comfortable with electronics. Apple iOS is only used on 1 type of phone, the very popular Apple iPhone. The iPhone is very user friendly for the person who has no experience or comfort level with electronics. There are no customizable aspects and is basically very easy to use. If iPhone user wants to make call, press “phone” and if they want to listen to music they press “music” basically. The other two OS are similar to iOS because they are only on proprietary devices and neither is as robust in features as Android or iOS. Windows Phone is becoming more prevalent and making strides to compete with the other two.

The following is to break some major phones down by carrier and type in a way that is easy to understand. Every carrier at this point offers the iPhone and the benefits of the phone were mentioned in the last paragraph. If familiar with Apple products like the iPad, Mac, or iPod; then, this is the right phone. It feels exactly like all of their other products and the user will like it if already comfortable with their line of electronics. If new to smartphones and not terribly comfortable with the whole thing, but want to be current; the iPhone is probably right.

If the user has a moderate acumen for electronics then it is advised to choose an Android phone. There are Android phones for all carriers and made by a lot of different companies. Covered here are just a few that have differing features, but I suggest going into a carrier with the knowledge given here and play with a couple to get a feel for what is desired in an Android phone. A large barrier to entry for becoming a smartphone use to some people is using strictly touchscreen; but this is not as complicated as one might think. Also, there are a few Android phones that use a slide-out keyboard. Verizon offers their Droid series, currently on the Droid 4, that use a slide out keyboard and are beautiful phones. They are a great entry-level Android phone. If a bigger screen is desired and strictly touchscreen is not an issue, there is the Droid Razr. The Razr is beautiful, powerful, and a great all around phone. Another amazing Android phone is the Samsung Galaxy SII on AT&T, this phone has a gigantic gorgeous screen and is lightning fast. Finally, just to include another OS, I will talk briefly about the Blackberry Torch. The Torch is advancement for Blackberry, but the features are just not as robust as Android or the iPhone; if not attached to Blackberry as a company, they are not recommended.

Smartphones can seem daunting at first, but once the switch is made, people never understand how they got along without one. When armed with the right knowledge, finding the right smartphone for a user’s needs becomes a much easier process. So, get out there and smarten up your phone!