Reviews and Information about Comparing the iPad Tablet and Android Tablets

Tablets are becoming more and more popular every week and people can become very confused on the differences between them, e-readers, and other similar products. There are a couple different categories for tablets that have different features and eFYI is here to help make sense of it all.

The main tablet that everyone is familiar with and has probably even been able to check out before is the Apple iPad. The iPad is a beautiful piece of technology that is extremely easy to use for even the least tech-savvy individual. The iPad is currently in the third generation and has upgraded the screen considerably in the newest iteration; there is nothing that compares to the crisp picture the new iPad offers. If looking to enter the tablet market with a slightly smaller budget than the $500 that the new iPad costs, there are options. The iPad 1 and 2 are both very nice machines and can be found on sites like Amazon or eBay at a significantly lower price than the current version. That being said, the newest version is stunning and if the money to spend is not an issue, the newest iPad is highly recommended. All these iPads function exactly like an iPhone or iPod Touch, just with a much larger screen.

Next there is a whole host of varying Android Tablets, most of them offer similar experiences; but, they are not all created equal by any means. There are so many that I will only cover what I feel are the top tier of these tablets. The Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime is the best Android tablet on the market currently and is a stunning machine. The camera is very nice; it comes with twice the memory as the iPad for the price; the memory is also expandable unlike the iPad; it’s the thinnest tablet on the market; and it can be connected to keyboard dock to make it work like a laptop. Next is the Sony Tablet S and this tab is very nice as well. If familiar with Sony, then the quality and craftsmanship that they put into their products should be no surprise; and this tablet is no different. While this tablet is a little on the higher price range side of the spectrum, it makes up for that with some very unique features. With and ergonomic design and some features that won’t be found on other tablets, this is a great choice if in the tablet market.

No matter what is desired in a tablet, there is a solution out there; whether entering into the market or trying to upgrade to the newest piece of hardware. When armed with knowledge about what is out there in the market, a much better decision about what is right will be made. So get out there and take your computing mobile!